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Experience a day in the life of a cat. TomCat Mansion: Train my Human is a 3D cat simulator that lets the player view the world in the eyes of a cat. Every day when the human leaves for work, the domestic cat has no choice but to wait for its human to come back. TomCat can not only freely move in and out of the mansion, but can also knock down objects in the household. It's happiness level varies depending on its interaction with different objects and its mood varies depending on the time of the day. On the other hand, a human icon indicates the human's level of anger in reaction to TomCat's misbehaviour. Have a meowy day!


w,a,s,d + mouse: move

space: jump

f: meow

g: purr

h: hit self

u: sleep

e: eat when close to bowl

p: poop


3D models: Some are downloaded from cgtrader.com and Unity's Assets store

Sound effects: Some are downloaded from Unity's Assets store.

Install instructions

download file, play


cat.app.zip 81 MB

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